Make your own Cat5e-Cat6 Cables for Home Server or Surround


Terminating Cat5e-Cat6 cable using EZ-Connectors

This is an introductory video for beginners in terminating copper network cables (Ethernet). The wire (or pin) sequence for a patch (or straight through) connection is as follows: white/orange orange white/green blue white/blue green white/brown brown **I did skip one part in that you should pull as much of the yellow wax coating into the connector as possible, while still exposing the pins (or copper wires) to the copper terminators inside the connector. This will save you from re-terminating the cable if it gets pulled or tripped over. The plastic connector should crimp more of the protective wax coating. I left a bit too much of the wires exposed inside the connector, but for beginners purposes, it's not such a big deal.** Patch cables connect end user devices with network devices Crossover cables connect two network devices Rollover (or reverse) cables connect network or end user devices with the console port on a network device