WNBA Players Lobby for Pay Equity?

Top 11 WNBA Fun Facts: 

11. Most WNBA Fans/Supporters are Men* 
10. The WNBA has never ever turned a profit 
9. Most self-proclaimed Feminists can't name a single WNBA team 
8. The WNBA operates at a 5 to 10 million dollar loss every year 
7. The League Office routinely gives away tickets for TV games but still can't fill the lower level 
6. The ratings for TV games are always in the lowest pro-sport percentile 
5. Less than 3% of sports fans would miss the league if it ceased to exist 
4. The vast majority of feminist WNBA supporters can't name 5 all-star players. 
3. The lone "sellout" playoff game was due to seat block purchases by corporations 
2. A woman's center of gravity is in her hips - Men's are in our shoulders. 
1. The WNBA is essentially a Charity operated by the NBA 

On a personal note: I have seen women's college basketball games that were epic. However, the WNBA should really be honest about its existence. It's basically a subsidized showcase for the best college and amateur female players to display their talent professionally and at the expense of the NBA. 
*In 2013 ESPN said that their WNBA audience was majority male, as it had been for years. 66% of the viewers were male and almost half were African-Americans. Viewership for the 19 games broadcast for the 2014 regular season was an average of 240,000.