Easy Affordable DIY Home Theater System

How to create an Easy Affordable DIY Home Theater System

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Basically, I created a quadraphonic sound system for the TV. I combined two 2.1 channel speaker sets including sub-woofers. *I keep calling that freaking thing a coupler, but I know it's called a splitter* I have made a mental note for next time. ^Also, the altec lansing speaker set is the 1221, not the 225. My B. This DIY hack will work on most TV's. However, some Philips smart TV's have separate volume control for the speakers and headphones. I guess in case someone wants to listen separately at a higher or lower volume. So even if you didn't already have the PC speaker sets, that particular type runs about $15-20 at walmart or amazon. So in theory, you can spend 30-40 bucks including the splitter and have a pretty nice 4 channel system which includes 2 sub-woofers.